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Altcoins pump while traders anticipate a lower support test from Bitcoin

RUNE, QNT and PERP continue to gather strength even as analysts expect a lower support test for Bitcoin price.

Price analysis 7/28: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, XRP, DOGE, DOT, UNI, BCH, LTC

Bitcoin's defense of the $38,000 level and renewed interest from institutional investors could be a sign that the bull trend is resuming.

Small-cap altcoins push higher as Bitcoin bulls fight to hold $40,000

LINA, WRX and STORJ led altcoins higher even as Bitcoin bulls encounter resistance at the $40,000 level.

Waiting for Alonzo: Cardano smart contracts creep toward full launch

Smart contract deployment picks up the pace on Cardano’s testnets for the Alonzo, as project leadership says progress is still on track despite delays.

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FinCEN’s new digital currency advisor says crypto’s ‘just another means of payment’

FinCEN digital currency advisor, Michele Korver, believes cryptocurrency is a natural evolution in financial technology. Michele Korver, the first-ever chief digital currency advisor for the...

PayPal set to launch crypto trading in the UK and may embrace DeFi

The global payments platform wants to let British customers trade crypto on its new “super app”. Global payments platform PayPal is looking towards the United...

Congressman takes aim at peers who think crypto could cause a ‘financial 9/11’

Characterizing his contemporaries as viewing the crypto sector as a “financial 9/11,” Congressman Ted Budd has warned lawmakers against driving blockchain innovation offshore. Representative Ted...

MicroStrategy pledges to buy more BTC despite paper loss on its holdings of $424.8M in Q2

As of June 30, 2021 MicoStrategy held an approximated 105,085 BTC with a carrying value of $2.051 billion, at a total impairment loss of $689.6...

Bitcoin traders express mixed emotions about what’s next for BTC price

Bitcoin traders are at odds about where BTC price may head after it failed to flip the $40,000 level to support. The rumor that Amazon...

Okcoin secures regulatory approval in Malta and the Netherlands

CEO Hong Fang said Okcoin was focused on Europe as part of the firm's global growth plans. Cryptocurrency exchange Okcoin may soon be opening its...

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